Dark and Moody Vs. Light and Airy

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Ethan Film and Photo, your trusted partner in capturing your special day, brings you an in-depth guide to understanding the two dominant styles in wedding photography: Light & Airy and Dark & Moody.


Wedding photography is a crucial element in commemorating the most special day of your life. The photos will serve as a lasting testament to the love, joy, and celebration of the day. Given its significance, it’s essential to understand the different styles of wedding photography to ensure that the captured memories align with your vision.

Decoding Wedding Photography Styles

What are Wedding Photography Styles?

In essence, a wedding photography style refers to the consistent, distinctive appearance seen in a photographer’s finished work. It’s the lens through which a photographer interprets the unfolding events of your wedding day.

Importance of Understanding Photography Styles

Every wedding photographer has their unique shooting and editing style. Familiarizing yourself with these styles can help you determine the kind of photography you’re drawn to, narrowing down your search for your photographer.

The Triad of Wedding Photography Styles

  1. Photojournalistic: This style tells a story, capturing happenings without much interference from the photographer.
  2. Fine Art: The focus is on creating a visual masterpiece, with careful consideration of the subject, background, lighting, and composition.
  3. Traditional: A blend of natural unfolding of events and guided situations for visually pleasing photos.

Deciphering Light & Airy and Dark & Moody Styles

Light & Airy

Characterized by romantic, bright images with pastel colors, the Light & Airy style exudes a soft, whimsical aura. It’s all about brightness, exaggerating highlights and desaturating parts of the color spectrum for an ‘over-exposed’ look.

Dark & Moody

The Dark & Moody style, by contrast, leans towards dramatic, emotional photos with deeper colors. It prioritizes shadows, adding an earthy hue to everything for an ‘under-exposed’ look.

A Comparative Analysis

Light & Airy Dark & Moody
Romantic, bright images Moody, dark images
Soft pastel colors Saturated, deeper colors
Cool and creamy tones Warm and strong orange or brown tones
Over-exposed look Under-exposed look
Soft and muted saturation Deep and warm saturation

Choosing the Right Style for Your Wedding

Choosing between Light & Airy and Dark & Moody boils down to personal preference. If you’re drawn to brightness and flashes of color, you might lean towards Light & Airy. If you prefer more drama and intensity in your poses and gestures, Dark & Moody could be the style for you.

Striking the Perfect Balance: Ethan Film and Photo Approach

At Ethan Film and Photo, we walk the middle ground. We describe our style as vibrant, true-to-life, and timeless. It’s a blend of the brightness of Light & Airy and the dimension of the Dark & Moody style. We aim to showcase the genuine emotions of your special day, highlighting the joy and love in every frame.


When it comes to choosing the right wedding photography style, take into account your personality, what you’re naturally drawn to, and your vision for your wedding day. Whether you choose Light & Airy, Dark & Moody, or a blend of both, your photos should embody everything you love most about your big day, providing a beautiful reflection of your story.

Remember, the goal is to find a style that you consistently resonate with. There’s no right or wrong style, so go with what you love!

Happy wedding planning!

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