A Glimpse into the Historic Rosemont Manor: An Ideal Wedding Venue

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## IntroductionHistoric Rosemont Manor – these words evoke images of a grand Southern mansion surrounded by lush greenery. This well-known venue has been a prominent landmark in Northern Virginia since its inception in 1811. It has seen two centuries of history and has been a symbol of true southern hospitality. With its stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a park-like setting, it is a sought-after location for weddings.

Historic Rosemont Manor

The Historical Significance

The Early Days

The story of Rosemont Manor begins with its first owner, George Horton Norris, the first High Sheriff of Clarke County. Norris built this majestic Georgian-style mansion as a wedding gift for his bride, Jane Bowles Wormeley, in 1811. Thus, the foundation of this beautiful wedding venue was laid with an act of love, and it continues to be a part of numerous love stories even today.

The Byrd Era

In 1929, the manor saw a change in ownership when Virginia Governor Harry F. Byrd, Sr. bought the property. Under his ownership, the manor saw the addition of detailed oak paneling in the dining room, enhancing its grandeur. As Byrd rose to power as a U.S. Senator, the manor became a hub for politicians and served as a landing pad for presidential helicopters.

Historic Visitors

Rosemont Manor has seen many renowned visitors over the years. Several of its rooms and suites are named after these historical figures. These include Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Byrd, Nixon, and Johnson; famous aviator Charles Lindbergh; physicist Albert Einstein; and military icon Admiral Chester Nimitz. The presence of these figures adds to the historic significance of Rosemont.

The Picturesque Locale

Rosemont Manor is set on a knoll, overlooking the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The view of the valley and the mountains from the manor is breathtaking and offers a perfect backdrop for photography. The 60-acre park-like grounds surrounding the manor enhance its beauty and provide ample space for outdoor events.

View of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Manor’s Features

The Manor’s Interiors

The interiors of Rosemont Manor exude elegance and charm. The Georgian-style architecture, the detailed oak paneling in the dining room, and the tastefully decorated rooms pay homage to its historic past.


Rosemont Manor offers several amenities that make it an idealwedding venue. These include A/V equipment, a bridal suite, wireless internet, ample parking, dining chairs and tables, and onsite restrooms.

Ceremony & Reception Spaces

Rosemont Manor offers various spaces for the wedding ceremony and reception. You can exchange vows under its Grand Portico with the mountains in the distance or opt for a ceremony under the shade of ancient trees on the South Lawn. For the reception, there’s the option of a tented reception on the grounds or move inside to the rustic-elegant Carriage House.

Grand Portico


Rosemont Manor provides accommodation for up to 75 guests. In addition to suites in the mansion itself, there are two guest houses that come with full kitchens, welcoming common areas, and cozy bedrooms.

Dining Options

Guests at the manor are served a full, country breakfast. The manor’s talented chefs create a different culinary delight each morning, and all dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan, are catered to.


Rosemont Manor offers various packages to suit different wedding sizes and budgets. These range from the First Lady Wedding Venue Packages, which include ceremony & reception spaces, chairs, tables, and accommodation, to the Elopement Package for a smaller, more intimate celebration. There is also a Small, Family Wedding Package for up to 50 guests.


The manor is wheelchair accessible and welcomes guests with special needs. It also allows amplified music, both indoors and outdoors, with some restrictions.


Historic Rosemont Manor is more than just awedding venue. It is a place where love stories are written, where history meets elegance, and where every moment is captured perfectly inphotography. It is a place where dreams come true, and memories are made.

“Historic Rosemont Manor is where Elegance Meets History.”

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