Weddings at River Chase in Harpers Ferry WV

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There are few events as memorable as a wedding, and the venue can be a crucial part of the experience. River Chase, nestled in the heart of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is one such venue that leaves an indelible impression on everyone who steps foot on its stunning grounds.

A Venue Like No Other

River Chase is not just a wedding venue; it’s a canvas waiting to transform into whatever you envision for your special day. Located on a breath-taking 9-acres, it offers an array of charming locations, all offering a different mood and perspective to capture the essence of your celebration.

Ethan Film and Photo specializes in wedding videography and photography, and we’ve had the opportunity to capture some truly mesmerizing moments at River Chase.

River Chase: A Historical Venue

River Chase is a family-owned and operated historic venue. The property dates back to the 1870s, boasting a historic barn, an on-site Rathskeller, and a greenhouse. Its charm is further enhanced by the sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the majestic Potomac River.

Capturing the Perfect Moments at River Chase

The success of wedding videography lies in capturing the essence of your special day. With a maximum capacity of 150 guests, River Chase allows for intimate and heartfelt celebrations that are a joy to film.

Weddings at River Chase

At River Chase, the rustic barn and the sprawling lawns make for a perfect backdrop for any wedding. The Appalachian Mountains and the Potomac River add a touch of natural beauty to the setting. We’ve had the privilege of capturing the raw emotions and joy on the faces of brides, grooms, and guests alike as they celebrate in this picture-perfect location.

Corporate Events and Other Special Occasions

River Chase isn’t just a wedding venue. It’s also a popular choice for corporate events, retirement parties, birthdays, and more. The versatility of the location provides countless opportunities for creative videography.

Photo Sessions at River Chase

The beauty of River Chase makes it a popular site for photo sessions. Whether it’s for engagement photos, family portraits, or a bridal shower, the venue provides stunning backdrops and endless views. As a videographer, it’s a delight to be able to capture these precious moments amidst such natural beauty.

The River Chase Experience

The River Chase Way

River Chase takes pride in offering an entire event experience for your big day. The freedom and flexibility to customize your event to match your vision and dreams is what sets River Chase apart.

Accessibility and Location

Conveniently located in Harpers Ferry, WV, River Chase is easily accessible from Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas. Its strategic location makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a venue that is both remote and easily accessible.

In the Press

River Chase has been featured in numerous publications for its unparalleled service and stunning location. The accolades only further establish its reputation as a premierwedding venue in the region.

The Verdict

There are countless venues to choose from for your special day, but few offer the unique blend of history, natural beauty, and intimate setting that River Chase does. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that will leave your guests in awe and provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding videography, then River Chase is the place to be.

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At Ethan Film and Photo, we specialize in capturing the magic of your special day. We’ve had the pleasure of filming at some of the most beautiful venues, and River Chase is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Our passion for wedding videography is reflected in our work as we strive to capture each moment with warmth and attention to detail.

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