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Little Island NYC Engagement PhotosAn Ohio Beginning to a Long Island Promise

The love story of TK and Gareth is one that resonates with patience, growth, and a bond that not even distance could deter. Meeting amidst the vibrant campus life of Ohio State University, their journey began as college sweethearts, filled with the typical ups and downs of young love. But as the chapters unfolded, and both of them achieved their Masters Degrees, their paths converged once more in the heart of Northern Virginia (NOVA).

Reconnecting in NOVA

Gareth, a NOVA local, and TK, who spent the majority of her life in Long Island, found love in the midst of career changes and personal growth. As someone who’s shared the rugby field with Gareth and known him for an extensive period, the news of their union warmed my heart. When Gareth reached out to me for their engagement shoot and subsequently, their wedding, I was beyond elated. It’s always an honor to capture moments for those close to heart.

Long Island Engagement Photographer

A Long Island Love Affair

Fast forward to a couple of years, and our dynamic duo made their way to the scenic terrains of Long Island. It’s here, amid the sun, sand, and sea, that we embarked on their engagement shoot. Our first stops were the serene Cold Spring Harbor State Park and Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park in Oyster Bay. The golden sands and turquoise waters offered the perfect canvas for some candid beach moments and a blend of aesthetics across parks and piers.

Then, the vibrant city of New York beckoned. The bustling High Line and the picturesque Little Island Park presented unique challenges. Let’s be real, shooting amidst the crowds isn’t a walk in the park. However, with a dash of expertise and an eye for those hidden nooks and corners, we found our perfect spots. Even in the busiest of places, love finds a way to shine, and all distractions fade into oblivion.

Long Island Engagement

Wrapping it Up

Love stories are my favorite, and TK & Gareth’s journey has been a testament to perseverance, growth, and the beauty of second chances. As they venture onto their next chapter, I’m grateful to be a part of their narrative, capturing moments that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Wishing these college sweethearts a lifetime of love, adventures, and countless memories! And I can’t wait for the New Jersey beach wedding next summer!NYC Engagement Photographer

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