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If you’re a couple who relish in the beauty of imperfections and are drawn to a free-spirited, easy-going vibe, a bohemian wedding theme may be the key to your heart. This chic, vintage style that draws influences from the late 1960s and early 1970s, combining them with a sprinkle of modern flair, is a recipe for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

What is a Bohemian Wedding?

Bohemian, or boho, encapsulates a vibe that’s equal parts chic and whimsical. Imagine earthy elements, dreamy linens and lace, and an explosion of wildflowers. This aesthetic is all about free spirits, hippie-inspired whimsy, and an eclectic mix of textures and colors. Boho weddings can range from simple and artsy with a few boho-inspired touches to all-out festival style.

Unleashing Your Theme with the Right Venues

The venue of your big day plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for your bohemian wedding. Outdoor, nature-driven locations, such as a desert, a botanical greenhouse, a farm, a rustic barn, or a secluded woodsy area, all make for great boho wedding venues.

The Palette for a Boho Wedding

Finding the perfect wedding color palette for your boho wedding theme doesn’t have to be hard. Boho weddings often lean towards muted neutrals, earth tones, or vibrant hues. You can opt for a muted boho wedding color palette with sage green, brown, tan, taupe, and ivory or go for a vibrant earth tone boho wedding color palette with forest green, red, orange, pink, gold, and yellow.

Boho Wedding Décor Ideas

Decorations play a significant role in bringing your boho wedding theme to life. Consider deconstructed bohemian wedding arches, boho wedding greenery walls, boho wedding macrame light fixtures, vintage boho wedding reception areas, rattan boho wedding bars, and neutral boho wedding place settings.

Boho Wedding Dresses and Groom’s Attire

Bohemian wedding themes call for unique, nontraditional, and effortlessly stylish wedding dresses. Boho wedding dresses are often comfortable, flowy, and easy to move around in while also capturing the artsy and whimsical nature of the bohemian theme. For the groom, consider going more casual and laid-back with suspenders, Converse, dress shirts and khakis, vests, bow ties, waistcoats, pocket watches, and hats.

Boho Wedding Bouquet and Centerpiece Ideas

Your bohemian wedding is an opportunity to let romance take center stage. Choose a lighter color palette, with dusty pinks, soft reds, and ivory whites. Decorate with lots of florals and plenty of soft grasses—like a bouquet with a mix of dried flowers and pampas grass.

Boho Wedding Cakes

A boho wedding cake adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to your wedding reception. Consider opting for modern earth tone bohemian wedding cakes, dried floral boho wedding cakes, all-white two-tier bohemian wedding cakes, or hand-painted cactus bohemian wedding cakes.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup

Boho wedding hairstyles are all about natural beauty and carefree vibes. Consider messy buns, thick braids, loose curls, or tousled waves. Flowers are a fantastic way to incorporate your wedding’s color scheme into your hairstyle.

Boho Wedding Food and Drink

Depending on the atmosphere you want to create at your bohemian-themed wedding, you could choose a casual or more structured food and drink approach. One option is to have vintage-style food trucks for your guests to choose from or order food from a local restaurant.

Boho Wedding Theme Décor

There are endless opportunities to incorporate bohemian style into your wedding venue and reception area with bohemian style in mind. Here are some of our favorite ideas for boho décor: Use linen rugs as a dance floor and to line the aisle, create a geometric arch for your ceremony, incorporate wicker and macrame items, display tableware on chargers or placemats that accentuate the elegance and charm of your tablescape, decorate with succulents, cactuses, dried grasses, berries, and wildflower arrangements.

Boho Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Your wedding invitations and stationery are the first hint of your bohemian wedding theme that your guests will see. Opt for invitations that incorporate earthy elements, dreamy linens, lace, and wildflowers for a true boho vibe.


Boho weddings are the perfect opportunity to let romance take center stage. You can bring in rustic and vintage elements too, but focus on creating a dreamy atmosphere filled with love. Choose a lighter color palette, with dusty pinks, soft reds, and ivory whites. Decorate with lots of florals and plenty of soft grasses—like a bouquet with a mix of dried flowers and pampas grass.

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