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Welcome to Ethan Film and Photo – Your Premier Wedding Videographer in Harrisonburg!

Your wedding day is a masterpiece, and we’re here to ensure every frame is filled with the beauty, emotion, and joy it deserves. With a passion that spans over 15 years, Ethan Film and Photo is dedicated to capturing your love story through our lens.

As your Harrisonburg wedding videographer, we bring a fresh perspective to every event. We understand that your journey is unique, and we’re excited to highlight those one-of-a-kind moments that define your relationship. From the laughter shared with friends to the tears of joy from your loved ones, we’re there to immortalize it all.

Our approach is unobtrusive yet comprehensive. We’ll seamlessly blend into your day, allowing you to enjoy every precious second while we work our magic. Whether it’s the heartfelt vows, the exhilarating dance floor, or stolen glances, we’ll ensure nothing escapes our camera’s gaze.

As a talented duo skilled in both videography and photography, we offer a complete package that ensures no detail goes unnoticed. Our goal is to provide you with a timeless collection of memories that you can relive whenever you want. We’re not just capturing moments; we’re weaving together the threads of your love story.

Located right here in Harrisonburg, we’re deeply rooted in this community’s values of love, togetherness, and celebration. Our lens will showcase not only your love but also the unique charm of this city that serves as your backdrop.

So, whether you’re exchanging vows in an intimate ceremony or throwing a grand celebration, Ethan Film and Photo is here to make your wedding memories last a lifetime. Let’s embark on this journey together, capturing the essence of your Harrisonburg love story in a way that’s as distinctive as you are. Contact us now to bring your wedding vision to life.