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Welcome to Ethan Film and Photo – Your Trusted Wedding Photographer in Winchester!

At Ethan Film and Photo, we understand the importance of your special day and the memories you want to cherish forever. With a passion for storytelling and an artistic approach, we’re here to provide you with stunning wedding photography that captures the true essence of your celebration.

Why Choose Us:

📸 Capturing Moments: With over 15 years of experience, we have perfected the art of capturing fleeting moments and genuine emotions. From the joyous smiles to the heartfelt tears, we ensure that every detail is preserved beautifully.

🌟 Winchester Expertise: Born and raised in Winchester, we know the area’s hidden gems and scenic backdrops that will add a touch of charm to your photos. Our local knowledge enhances your experience, allowing us to find the perfect settings for your love story.

💖 Passion for Love: We’re not just photographers; we’re enthusiasts of love itself. We adore being a part of your journey and turning your love story into art. We pour our heart and soul into every shot, ensuring that your photos reflect the love you share.

🎬 Beyond Photography: As experts in both wedding videography and photography, we offer a full-spectrum experience. Our goal is to encapsulate all the emotions, laughter, and memories into visual stories that you can relive whenever you want.

🎶 Personal Touch: Just like you, we have a soft spot for romance. Our fondness for movies like Moulin Rouge, the greatest love story ever told, and sappy love songs helps us infuse creativity into your photos, creating a cinematic feel.

Your wedding day is a unique chapter in your love story, and as your dedicated Winchester wedding photographer, we’re here to make it unforgettable. Let’s chat about your vision and how we can turn it into a timeless masterpiece. Contact us today to begin this exciting journey!