Washington D.C. Weddings

Everything you need to know about getting married in The Nation's Capitol

This is your go-to guide for everything related to having a wedding in Washington D.C.

I’ll let you know the best venues, the best places to eat, and the best activities around to do with your loved ones.

Wedding Venues in Washington D.C.

In D.C., there are numerous locations for weddings. For couples who want to consider various venues, it is truly a blessing. You have a lot of options, including museums, luxurious hotels with ballrooms, and outdoor locations with lovely gardens. Because there are so many options for food, entertainment, and wedding venues in D.C., many couples decide to wed there. I’d like to compile a top ten list, but I can’t limit it to just ten places.

Because there are so many different types of venues in D.C., I’ve created guides for each one. This way, whether you’re looking for a luxurious venue, a low-key venue, or a special artsy venue, I’ve got you covered on the best choices for each.

Museum Wedding Venues in DC

The Best Places to Eat in Washington D.C.

D.C. has an incredible culinary scene. No matter how long you’re in D.C. for I would check out some of these spots.

American Cuisine

Asian Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine

  1. Founding Farmers 
  2. The Capital Grille 
  3. Blue Duck Tavern 
  4. The Smith 
  5. Le Diplomate
  6. Clyde’s of Georgetown
  7. Fiola 
  8. 1789 Restaurant
  9. Marcel’s
  1. Momofuku CCDC 
  2. Sushi Taro
  3. Rasika 
  4. Daikaya 
  5. Tiger Fork
  6. Sakerum 
  7. Maketto 
  8. Spoken English 
  9. Doi Moi 
  10. Little Serow
  1. Jaleo 
  2. Taco Bamba
  3. Boqueria 
  4. La Taberna del Alabardero 
  5. China Chilcano
  6. Joselito Casa de Comidas – 
  7. Xiquet 
  8. Lupo Verde 
  9. Bodega 
  10. El Rinconcito Cafe
  1. Zaytinya
  2. Ottoman Taverna 
  3. Maydan –
  4. Supra
  5. Agora 
  6. Cava Mezze
  7. Estadio
  8. Komi 
  9. Osteria Morini 
  10. Requin 

The Best Activities To Do In DC

The Nation’s Capitol is full of different activities. And tons of them are free! There are actually so many free museums in DC, that I hate going to other cities where I have to pay to see a diorama. All the neighborhoods and sections of DC have their own charm and character, as well, so it’s worth checking out the different areas to really get a feel for the city. No matter what you like doing, there is something for everyone in this city. Below is a list of things you and your loved ones can do surrounding your wedding day in DC.


Outdoor Fun


  • Artechouse
  • The Renwick Gallery
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • Glenstone
  • Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • National Gallery of Art
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • International Spy Museum
  • The Mansion on O Street
  • The U.S. National Arboretum
  • Scooter around the National Mall
  • See all the National Monuments
  • Check out the White House
  • Kayak or Paddleboard on the Potomac
  • Walk around the Wharf
  • Check out Historic Georgetown
  • Take a Boat Tour
  • Catch a baseball game at Nats Park
  • See a Show or Game at Capital One Arena
  • Catch a football game at Audi Field
  • See a Show at The Anthem
  • See a show at Union Stage
  • Watch a play at Arena Stage

The historic city of Washington D.C. offers more than just a rich political landscape; it’s also a coveted destination for couples planning their dream wedding. The city’s blend of urban sophistication, historical charm, and natural beauty makes it a unique locale for nuptials. And when it comes to capturing your wedding in this picturesque city, Ethan Film & Photo stands as your expert companion.

Washington D.C. as Your Wedding Destination

Unique Blend of Urban and Natural Aesthetics

The nation’s capital offers a diverse range of venue options, from elegant hotels and historic mansions to tranquil parks and gardens. The city’s unique blend of urban and natural aesthetics provides a versatile backdrop for any wedding theme.

Rich Historical Appeal

D.C.’s rich history adds a unique charm to your wedding. Whether it’s the grandeur of Georgetown’s historic homes or the majestic monuments, the city’s past offers a timeless setting for your vows.

Accessibility and Amenities

With its array of luxury hotels, world-class dining, and convenient transport links, Washington D.C. ensures a comfortable experience for you and your guests. The city’s accessibility and amenities make it an ideal destination for weddings.

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DC Engagement

Choosing Washington D.C. as your wedding destination provides a unique setting to begin your marital journey. When coupled with the services of Ethan Film & Photo, you’re not just planning an event; you’re creating a lifelong memory.

As you embark on this exciting journey, let Ethan Film & Photo capture the magic of your day against the backdrop of the magnificent city of Washington D.C. After all, your wedding is more than just a day; it’s the start of a beautiful story, and every story deserves to be told beautifully.

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