The top 10 Air BNB Wedding Venues in Virginia

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Welcome to Ethan Film and Photo’s guide to the most enchanting Airbnb wedding venues in Virginia! Virginia, known for its motto “Virginia is for Lovers,” offers a perfect backdrop for your dream wedding, whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand celebration. From historic homes to picturesque vineyards and serene farms, Virginia’s diverse landscapes provide endless options for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience.

1. Carter Lane – Mineral, Virginia (from $867)

Secluded Lakefront Elegance

Imagine exchanging vows in the gazebo overlooking the tranquil waters, or by the dock with the shimmering lake as your backdrop. Carter Lane offers a secluded haven for intimate weddings, accommodating your closest family and friends. The property boasts a fully-stocked boathouse with kayaks and paddleboards, adding a touch of adventure to your celebration. Enjoy the freedom to create a cozy meal on the patio and bask in the lake’s serenity.

2. Tye River Farm Blue Ridge – Arrington, Virginia (from $270)

A Rustic Farm Retreat

For those enchanted by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tye River Farm Blue Ridge is a perfect choice. This 10-acre property offers direct access to the Tye River, allowing for tubing and kayaking adventures. Host a memorable wedding weekend with activities like hiking, wine tasting, and brewery tours. The farm provides ample space for your guests, and you can choose to host your celebration in a barn that seats up to 125 guests.

3. The White House Weddings – Drakes Branch, Virginia (from $1,895)

Glamorous Barn Venue

If you’re dreaming of a glamorous barn wedding, The White House Weddings is an ideal venue. The barn, equipped with chandeliers, tables, chairs, and a bar, sets the stage for a magical celebration. This private estate spans 100 acres and includes a mansion, a cedar wood arbor, and charming gardens, providing endless photo opportunities.

4. Mortgage Hall Estate – Middleburg, Virginia (from $1,895)

Elegant Georgian Mansion

Mortgage Hall Estate presents an elegant Georgian mansion dating back to 1850, surrounded by 121 acres of breathtaking beauty. The property’s pond and expansive grounds offer versatile options for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The estate’s private location provides a sense of exclusivity, while nearby accommodations ensure a comfortable stay for your guests.

5. Walden Hall Main Manor – Reva, Virginia (from $579)

Romantic Countryside Retreat

For a romantic evening wedding, Walden Hall Main Manor is an award-winning choice. This venue offers the expertise and staff to bring your wedding vision to life. Exchange vows by the glittering pond and celebrate in the barn, which can accommodate up to 160 guests. With a tent addition, you can host up to 200 guests. The 10-acre estate also features common spaces like a pool, ensuring privacy for your celebration.

6. Lumusa Lodge – Robertson, Virginia (from $579)

Natural Beauty and Sophistication

Lumusa Lodge, nestled in the serene wilderness of Virginia, offers a unique blend of contemporary design and rustic elements. With panoramic views of the breathtaking surroundings, Lumusa Lodge provides a warm and intimate ambiance for your special day. Explore the pristine wilderness and create cherished wedding memories against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

7. Morland River Cottages – King George, Virginia (from $579)

Riverside Charm

Morland River Cottages provide a charming riverside setting where rustic charm meets riverside beauty. Exchange vows in a breathtaking atmosphere surrounded by nature’s beauty. Enjoy an intimate reception under the starlit sky, surrounded by lanterns and enchanting river views.

8. The Reverie – Lovettsville, Virginia (from $579)

Tranquil Haven with Potomac River Views

The Reverie, nestled within Virginia’s picturesque landscapes, offers a tranquil haven with beautiful views of the Potomac River. Meticulously decorated rooms and suites provide comfort and serenity for you and your guests. Explore the region’s rich history and natural wonders, adding depth to your wedding festivities.

9. Harvest Moon Lodge and Retreat – Vesuvius, Virginia (from $579)

Rustic Elegance in the Heart of Virginia

Harvest Moon Lodge and Retreat captures the essence of rustic elegance in the heart of Virginia’s countryside. Rich wooden accents, stone fireplaces, and expansive windows create a captivating setting for your wedding experience. The lodge’s sprawling grounds offer a picturesque backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and celebrations.

10. Waterfront Retreat at Lake Anna – Bumpass, Virginia (from $579)

Lakefront Serenity and Modern Elegance

Waterfront Retreat at Lake Anna offers modern elegance against the backdrop of serene lake views. With spacious accommodations and incredible views of Lake Anna, this venue creates a picturesque setting for your wedding celebration. Enjoy water activities and post-wedding adventures, making your special day a memorable experience.

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