Rust Manor House

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Eternalize Your Rust Manor House Wedding with Ethan Film and Photo

Rust Manor House, with its timeless elegance and enchanting natural surroundings, offers a fairy-tale backdrop for your wedding day. Nestled in the heart of Leesburg, VA, this historic venue blends classical charm with the serene beauty of nature, providing a perfect canvas to create and capture timeless moments. I’m Ethan, your wedding photographer and videographer, and together with my team, we are dedicated to encapsulating every emotion, every smile, and every heartfelt glance of your magical day at Rust Manor House.

Enchanting Photography & Videography at Rust Manor House

  • A Tale of Timeless Love: With the grandeur of Rust Manor as your backdrop, every photograph and frame of video is a chapter of your love story, illustrated with elegance and genuine emotions.

  • Blend of Classic and Contemporary: Our photographic and videographic style seamlessly merges the classic charm of Rust Manor with a contemporary elegance that speaks to your modern love story.

Ethan: More than a Photographer, Your Wedding Day Ally

  • Adventurous Heart, Artistic Soul: Your wedding at Rust Manor is seen through the lens of an adventurous heart and an artistic soul, ensuring every snap and frame is a genuine reflection of your love and the classic charm of the venue.

  • Cohesive Visual Storytelling: With both photography and videography under one roof, your wedding story is told with a cohesive, unified visual style that beautifully narrates your day from start to finish.

Navigating Your Wedding Day with Ethan Film and Photo

  • Seamless Coordination: My team and I work in harmonious sync, ensuring that every moment is captured effortlessly without intruding on your celebrations.

  • Comprehensive Packages: Tailor your experience with our photography and videography packages, ensuring every moment, from the intimate glances to the grand celebrations, is captured in its entirety.

  • Quality and Consistency: From the first click to the final edit, quality and consistency are at the forefront, ensuring your wedding photos and video stand as a timeless testament to your love.

Celebrate your love amidst the classical charm of Rust Manor House, and allow Ethan Film and Photo to weave each precious moment into a timeless visual narrative, where the elegance of the venue meets the genuine, heartfelt emotions of your wedding day. Ready to make every moment last forever? Let’s create a timeless keepsake of your Rust Manor House wedding together.