Great Marsh Estate Wedding Video

At Great Marsh Estate, you may immerse yourself in a world of eternal love and enchanting experiences. As the driving force behind Ethan Film and Photo, I am overjoyed to tell you about Jamie and Andrew Bader’s wedding day. This page is dedicated to their extraordinary journey, a love tale that brings two souls together and celebrates the beauty of love.

Jamie and Andrew’s love tale began in Arlington, Virginia, where they met through modern connections on Bumble. What started as a digital spark blossomed into a lively romance, setting the stage for their wonderful day at Great Marsh Estate.

Great Marsh Estate, nestled in nature’s embrace, radiates an air of magic that perfectly compliments Jamie and Andrew’s voyage. The vast views and beautiful spaces of the estate acted as a canvas for their wedding day, capturing the essence of their special bond. And at the center of it all was Jamie’s father, a preacher who oversaw their wedding ceremony with compassion and faith.

Andrew, who is of Jewish descent and from Long Island, brought his background to the party. The reception at the lovely Great Marsh Estate was a harmonious blend of Judeo-Christian traditions, with meaningful moments and cherished rituals flawlessly blended. Close relatives and friends were raised high in jubilation during the exuberant Hora dance, creating memories that will be treasured long.

Ethan Film and Photo was honored to capture the soul of Jamie and Andrew’s wedding day. I’ve weaved their tale into a wedding video that reflects their unique journey, with a great eye for detail and a passion for preserving emotions. This page allows you to immerse yourself in the wonder of Jamie and Andrew’s Great Marsh Estate wedding, a celebration of love, heritage, and the joy of a shared future.

Allow the feelings and memories to wash over you as you watch the video, reminding you that love transcends backgrounds and traditions. Let us toast Jamie and Andrew’s marriage at Great Marsh Estate, where two souls became one and a new chapter in their love journey began.