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Welcome to Ethan Film and Photothe sanctuary where your wedding memories are woven into the very tapestry of time. Our expertise lies in fashioning creative wedding videos that transcend mere documentation, encapsulating the very essence of your unique journey. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and an intricate attention to detail, we present a curated collection of creative wedding video styles that transform fleeting moments into enduring memories. Whether you are having an insanely cool elopement in Shenandoah National Park, or having a raging party at a luxurious hotel wedding in DC, Ethan Film & Photo is here to be your creative wedding videographer on your big day.

Explore the Ingenious World of Our Creative Wedding Videos

Super 8 Films: Embracing Vintage Charm Step into a nostalgic embrace with our Super 8 films, infusing a vintage aura into the narrative of your special day. This classic format, seamlessly harmonized with contemporary technology, imparts an ageless elegance to your wedding story. 

Film Burns and Light Leak Overlays: A Dance of Emotion Immerse your wedding video in a symphony of emotions with film burns and light leak overlays. These artistic effects, meticulously applied, bestow a retro essence while being captured through state-of-the-art 4K cameras. The result is a tapestry of memories that evoke sentimentality in every frame.

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Photos in a Film Strip: Where Emotions Unfold We masterfully weave your cherished photographs into your wedding video through a film strip motif, weaving a dynamic visual narrative of your love story. Each frame transition unveils a new layer of your journey, creating a captivating tableau of emotions.

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The “Ring of Fire” Trick: A Circle of Passion Experience the captivating allure of the “ring of fire” effect. Through the gentle placement of a copper pipe in front of the lens, a halo of warmth and ardor emerges, symbolizing the eternal flame shared between you, a testament to your everlasting love.

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Prismatic Brilliance: A Diamond of Creativity Reveal the boundless creative potential of using a glass prism on your lens, an ingenious technique that transforms ordinary shots into extraordinary spectacles. By refracting light and creating diamond-like sparkles, you infuse enchantment into your wedding video. Additionally, these prisms ingeniously block out unwanted elements, transforming potential distractions into captivating bursts of magic.

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Why Choose Ethan Film and Photo for Your Creative Wedding Video?

At Ethan Film and Photo, we redefine wedding videography, transcending the ordinary to craft visual symphonies that resonate with emotions. Unlike the commonplace, we utilize gimbals as our tools of choice. While most videographers rely on monopods or tripods, resulting in static videos, our gimbals seamlessly capture motion and activity within the frame, reflecting the dynamic essence of your day. The result? Videos that feel as though a handheld drone is tracing your journey.

But we don’t stop there. We extend the magic, offering the option to include drone footage in your wedding movie. When fused with the footage captured on our DJI Ronin gimbals, the effect is nothing short of stunning.

Imagine the power of motion breathed into first dances and first looks, transporting you back to those precious moments. Not as a distant observer, but as a participant in the very essence of the experience.

Ethan Film and Photo takes immense pride in our creativity and the ability to craft a wedding video that is as unique as your love story. We create memories that mirror the authenticity and beauty of your bond, capturing the heart and soul of your journey together.

Embark on a journey of creativity and emotion through our exceptional wedding videography services. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can transform your special day into an artistic narrative that resonates for a lifetime.

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Adrian and Alisha came to me after they had a disaster of an experience with doing engagement photos at a resort in Mexico with the hotel photographer. I felt bad that they had such a terrible experience and wanted to make them something really unique. So we set out in Denver, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park to do an engagement shoot. I wanted to make them an engagement video that would incorporate all the photos we shot, put into a film strip and used within the video along with film burns for a creative retro effect. We always shoot high quality 4K videos, so when you apply film burns and mattes on top, you get a high quality looking video that’s a mix of modern and vintage.

“The Ring of Fire” is one of my favorite creative in-camera effect to use. It works great for photos, creating an epic composition, but also works very well for transitions in videos. Typically family portraits don’t make it into the videos, because there are so many other great moments of the day to feature in a wedding video. For Andrew and Jamie’s Wedding at Great Marsh Estate in Bealton, VA I used the “Ring of Fire” Effect to transition from a shot of Andrew’s dad fixing his bowtie, to a walking bridal party shot with the couple. It adds warmth to the shot and is a creative way to add some unique flare to your wedding videos.